Jewel in the Oasis of Inspiration

The Dome House

This is our "Jewel"...a dome home built in 1970 by a civil rights attorney named Sherwin Shayne and Friends who helped out over time.  There is plenty of colorful history with this house in the 70's as you might imagine but the property itself also has a rich and colorful history dating back to the 20's. 

More on that in the "Property History" section.

When you enter this lovely and rustic home you may feel like you're inside a very luxurious and huge redwood tree.  The master bedroom is in the large loft which also has a bathroom complete with a sunken tub.  The main room sleeps 3 more with a double futon as well as a single one.  Altogether this house can accommodate 5 people.  The ambient resonance inside is both comforting and so unique that you may find yourself marveling at the workmanship while somehow experiencing a sense of timelessness.  With windows all around the house you will have a constant view of the redwood trees.

Don't be surprised to awaken to a symphony of birds followed by the peaceful quiet of the forest.

This is a magical oasis where you can truly rest while comforted knowing you have access to your cell, internet and even tv if you choose.   You might take a walk down to the stream or nap in the hammock.

Sofanya keeps an easel and paints out should you feel like expressing yourself through painting or you might visit her in the studio next door or her gallery which is in the lower level of the dome house.

She often has her gallery open on weekends and occasionally holds a gathering to celebrate the change of seasons.  You of course are always welcome to join in and may even wish to book your stay to coordinate with an event.


Looking out front door into the forest...almost always sunny in our little oasis

Relax on the deck and enjoy your day at "The Jewel"

Carabella's Theatre and Gathering Circle

Looking up to my Friends!

Carabella's Theatre .....perfect for weddings and any gatherings

The "Bridge Of Blessings"

The Dome House rents for $400 a night with a 2 night minimum

3 night minimum on some holidays

Call for more info....